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The Green Deal was launched on 28th January 2013 with the main aim of reducing the UK’s carbon emissions - by 80% by 2050 (or by 3018M tonnes).

“Every little change in behaviour makes a big difference! A collective conscious change in behaviour helps to make huge, life changing, differences.... It’s time to save today and protect tomorrow.”

The Green Deal scheme was created in order to allow homeowners and landlords to SAVE MONEY (and the planet) by introducing energy efficiency and carbon saving measures in their residential or commercial properties.


So how does the Green Deal help?

Instead of expecting homeowners or landlords to pay upfront for these measures, the Green Deal would instead pay the initial costs of the changes needed. The finance supplied by the Green Deal would then be paid back on a monthly basis, but by an amount not exceeding the original (higher) running costs. This cap on monthly pay-back was known as ‘The Golden Rule’.

To set up this system, the current running costs and energy consumption are assessed by an accredited Green Deal Assessor, producing an Occupancy Assessment.

Talk Green are one of the most experienced Green Deal Assessors in the UK, having completed in excess of 2300 Occupancy Assessments.

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